Ashley Elizabeth Craig
Growing up in the south creates a different type of woman. We are taught to be southern gentile ladies, the backbone of our families, strong and independent women, and teachers as well as students of life. We take the time to sit on the porch, play on swings, embrace our inner child and that no matter what you're never too old for a haircut from mom. And most important when life gives you lemons, add some sugar and a little bit of dad's 'shine and white knuckle it.

This body of work is an ongoing search for home. Leaving the south and moving to Maine presented me with new obstacles as well as opportunities. While surviving my first winter, learning to drive in snow, teaching new friends how to make grandma's fried chicken and blasting Sweet Home Alabama every time it comes on the radio, I have created something new. I have found a surrogate family here amongst the Mainer's I have met. The images here, I see, as parallels, memories from the south meeting ones from the north and while I miss the south immensely I have created my own piece of the south here in Maine.